Nicho Hynes

Nicho Hynes, a professional Australian rugby league player, has emerged as a rising star in the sport.

Proudly embracing his Indigenous heritage, he has a strong emphasis on mental preparation, growth, and goal-setting. Hynes approaches his game with a determined mindset that drives his exceptional performances landing him his debut in the State Of Origin this year. His dedication to mastering the mental aspect of the sport has played a significant role in his rise as a standout talent in the rugby league world, and now, our next STRONG Ambassador.

Local Studio: Miranda, Sydney
Instagram: @nichohynes_

Meet Nicho.

What does STRONG mean to you? [the word/feeling, not our brand]

When I think of the word STRONG I don’t immediately think of physical strength like most. I think of a strong mind and strong values. Of course, being a strong physical person is great but having a strong mindset always comes first. 

How did you discover Pilates, and what initially drew you to this form of exercise? Can you share how it has impacted your physical and mental well-being?

I first used Pilates whilst trying to make my groin stronger. I started visiting a rehab gym as my groin injury had stuck around for a couple of seasons in a row and the trainer got me on his reformer board. I really enjoyed the challenge and I believe it benefited my groins because I was getting into the muscles I wouldn’t usually reach whilst doing my rugby league training. It’s a very different type of physical training from what I’m used to but definitely, a type of training I enjoy, gives my mind a new challenge and something to test my mental toughness. 

What has been the most memorable moment or achievement of your athletic career so far? Why does it stand out to you?

Debuting in the NRL. I was lucky enough to make my NRL debut for the Melbourne Storm in the town I was born in and grew up down the road from. I had all my family and best mates I grew up with there supporting me.

What do you believe are the most important qualities for a leader to possess?

Some important qualities leaders should possess in my opinion would be. Care; leaders care about their teammates, their workplace environment, staff members, and the community. Calmness; leaders need to have a good calmness about them in high-pressure moments and be able to spread that around the team to bring them back to neutral. And actions; and the best leaders always lead by their actions.  

What role does goal-setting play in your game preparation and mindset?

Goal setting is very important in my professional life. I always set some big goals at the beginning of my season and I will also set smaller goals that I check in on a week-to-week basis to see how I’m traveling. I journal in my morning routines to set my intentions for the day to get my mindset in a clear focus. 

What’s a goal, professionally or personally, that you’re currently working towards?

Professionally – Win a premiership with The Sharks. 

Personally – Start a foundation 

If you could have a superpower for a day, what would it be and why?

Control time – so I can go back in time and spend some more time with loved ones that have left me and be able to take people back in time so they can spend time with their lost loved ones.