Travis Boak

A familiar face to our STRONG Community. Travis Boak is a professional AFL player known for his illustrious career with the Port Adelaide Football Club.

With over 300 games under his belt, Trav has become a revered figure in the sport. He has been recognised with multiple awards, including three All-Australian selections, three Port Adelaide Best and Fairest awards, and the captaincy of the club. Trav’s leadership, tenacity, and exceptional skills continue to inspire both his teammates and fans alike, and we’re pleased to welcome him to the STRONG Network for a second year in a row.

Local Studio: Somerton Park, Adelaide
Instagram: @travisboak10

Meet Travis.

What does STRONG mean to you? [the word/feeling, not our brand]

Strong to me means being yourself, being open to what is and being present and accepting of whatever life throws at you, stepping out of your comfort zone and into your authentic self.


How did you discover Pilates, and what initially drew you to this form of exercise? Can you share how it has impacted your physical and mental well-being?

When I was about 16 I had stress fractures in my back and the doctor recommend Pilates, I have been doing it ever since and I have loved it, it has helped me core and flexibility and is a huge reason why I am still playing today.

What has been the most memorable moment or achievement of your athletic career so far? Why does it stand out to you?

I think for me so far getting to 300 games was a huge achievement and being at the top of my game whilst getting there I am really proud of that, they say when you get to 30 you slow down but getting to 300 and playing my best footy has been a proud moment for me. 

What do you believe are the most important qualities for a leader to possess?

Vulnerability and empathy/understanding, I think being able to be yourself and show up as imperfect and show others you don’t have all the answers whilst leading by example is a great way for others to feel and be themselves and that’s ultimately what you want to get out of others as a leader is for them to reach their potential and they can’t if they feel like they have to be perfect because you are. 


What role does goal setting play in your game preparation and mindset?

I think for me goal setting is an important step to create a system that then sets up your day and your week, a process to follow to reach your desired outcome but it’s important to let that goal go and focus on the process and system because the goal is out of your control. Goals are there to help up reach our potential in what we do they are not attached to our worth as a person. 

What’s a goal, professionally or personally, that you’re currently working towards?

The professional goal for me broadly is to still reach my potential as an athlete so I set up my days and week to help align with that, I still think I have growth left and I’m trying to reach that whilst being me. Personally, a goal is to find peace within and the same thing try and set up daily and weekly work to help me feel that. 

If you could have a superpower for a day, what would it be and why?

I think being able to fly would be pretty amazing you would get to see some pretty cool things and the views would be amazing.