A Celebration of our STRONG Humans

There’s something truly magical about coming together as a community to celebrate our collective strength, and unity. That’s precisely what STRONG Week, a 7-day celebration, aimed to achieve. Over the course of a thrilling week, STRONG Humans across 41 studios and in 4 countries across the globe, were treated to a jubilant celebration like never before, with never-before-seen workouts, accompanied with a fresh set of playlists.

One of the most exciting aspects of STRONG Week was the daily competitions that kept our members on their toes. With prizes totaling an astonishing $64,000, the stakes were high, and the excitement palpable. Each day brought forth a new chance to win fantastic prizes but most importantly a platform for our members to connect. The new class structure and playlists were not merely a change; they were a catalyst for building a stronger, more connected community. But it wasn’t just about the workouts. It was about coming together, creating memories, and fostering a sense of togetherness.

STRONG Week was a reminder that we are not just a group of individuals pursuing fitness goals; we are a community bound by a shared passion for strength, wellness, and togetherness.

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